Final Update

The installer has been updated. If you want this most recent version of the game, you will need to re-download it, and re-install. All save data will be lost. (All of my future game projects will have better save systems, and update systems. I apologize for the inconvenience, it is due to old coding in Escape 1.0 that is very outdated and unfortunately un-fixable without reworking the entire game.)

- Added health orbs in Kitchen in Static Realm

- Fixed Volcano Key

- Fixed Water Boss Key

- Added hint on first fireball upgrade


Escape 1.0 Installer.exe 147 MB
Jul 08, 2017

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The final updates have been made! If you already own the game(or have a download key), you should be able to access the latest version. Keep in mind that you will have to start your save file over with the new version. I apologize for this inconvenience, all future projects will have a much more reliable and tangible save system. Thank you for your understanding, and best of luck to you all in your journey through the Grid!

       - Brandon Pilgrim, Lead Designer of Sikk Games