Patch 1.0 (Quick Fix)

I re-uploaded the Installer after making a quick adjustment on a glitch that a beta tester found.

- Door objects/room-changing objects now have a "check" to see if the player is alive before they run their events. Befire this, you could press down after dying and it would crash the game. Thank God for beta testers, right? :)

Everything else seems to be in working order, if you find any glitches please comment so that I can get around to them.

NOTE: I do not plan on updating Escape too often, mostly because the code I used for saving the game is archaic and not very flexible. Updates break saves, to put it simply. I made sure with a group of great friends that the game is free of any inconvenient bugs or game-breaking glitches. All future projects will not have this issue.

     - Brandon Pilgrim 


Escape 1.0 Installer.exe 147 MB
Jun 26, 2017

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